Campus & Facilities


An atmosphere of peace and dignity pervades the College’s campus nestled in the mountains of lower state New York. Both the facilities and the campus environment at the College offer a true blend of Eastern and Western cultures.

A number of the buildings are virtual replicas of Tang Dynasty temples in their design and architecture. Enhanced by a charming lake and traditional Chinese gardens, the campus is reminiscent of a setting in which a scholar in ancient China would reflect upon life and the universe. The main instruction building is a contemporary-style facility that houses the library, classrooms, dance and music studios, and a recital hall. A spacious cafeteria, a 4,750 square-foot multifunctional hall, and a 10,800 square-foot student lounge together form an important part of the community on campus.


Fei Tian College maintains a well-stacked library of 12,420 square feet to support its two four programs and the course offerings of the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Besides having an extensive collection of open-stack books, CDs, and DVDs, the College library boasts a rare collection of limited-edition traditional Chinese literature and arts books.

Performance Facilities

The Department of Dance has seven dance studios, ranging from 1,400 to 5,000 square feet. In addition, there is a 5,000-square-foot, theater-like dance rehearsal room with stage, curtains, and theatrical and lighting equipment.

The Department of Music proudly owns 114 practice rooms, a large ensemble room, and two orchestra rehearsal rooms. In addition, Fei Tian College students have access to a 400-seat auditorium theatre that is often used for assemblies and rehearsals. Another is an impressive building called the Grand Theatre, which seats 2,800.

Language and Computer Labs

The College has a laboratory facility for use by students and faculty: the Language and the Audio/Video (L-A/V) Laboratory. This laboratory enables language students to listen to tapes and CDs and arts students to watch performances and demonstrations by accomplished artists and faculty on DVD. The L-A/V Lab provides laptops for students to check out. There are individual desktop machines located throughout the building.

The L-A/V Lab also offers extensive online resources and assistance to students and staff. It periodically offers training courses on information literacy that help students learn the skills of navigating online search systems.