The Campus


An atmosphere of peace and dignity pervades the Fei Tian College campus located in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley. The facilities and the campus environment offer a true blending of Eastern and Western cultures.

A number of the buildings on campus are virtual replicas of Tang Dynasty temples in terms of design and architecture. Enhanced by a charming lake and traditional Chinese gardens, the campus is reminiscent of a setting in ancient China in which scholars would be inspired to reflect upon life and the universe.

The main instruction facilities are of contemporary style and house the classrooms, library, laboratories, dance and music studios, and rehearsal space.

Students also have access to residential facilities, a cafeteria, recreation areas, and a student lounge, and performance facilities.


Fei Tian College maintains a library equipped to meet the needs of its degree programs as well as the course offerings of the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Besides its collection of open-stack books, DVDs, and CDs, the College library boasts a collection of rare and limited-edition traditional Chinese literature and arts books. Configured with multi-usage in mind, the library includes a multimedia room, a computer area, and a general study area. To promote library use, librarians provide instruction to help users develop better library skills and independent research techniques.