Registration & Records

Registration & Records

Registration Procedure

The Office of Admissions and Records has the primary responsibility for handling student enrollment services, including course registration.

After meeting with their advisors to discuss graduation planning, students may register for courses at their designated time. Students may register for two back-to-back semesters’ worth of courses at one time.

Selecting courses is the first step in registration at the College. Students who register for courses will receive a bill showing charges and credits for the upcoming semester and any prior balance. Students must pay both the current and prior balances in order for their registration to be processed.

Adding or Dropping Courses

During the Course Selection Period, i.e., the first two weeks of classes, students may add courses, drop courses, and/or change the grading options of courses between letter grade and pass/no pass. Such changes normally do not incur a fee or penalty but are subject to the limitations of space availability in the course and any course load requirements.


A student who wishes to drop a course after the second week of classes, but before the thirteenth week, must consult the academic advisor to discuss the student’s performance in the course as well as the potential academic and financial impact of course withdrawal.

To complete course withdrawal, the student must obtain the instructor’s signature on the Add/Drop Form and signed approval from the academic advisor on the Add/ Drop Form. For each course withdrawn after the fourth week of classes, a “W” (Withdrawal) will appear on the student’s permanent record. “W” grades do not factor into a student’s grade point average.

Transcripts and Proof of Enrollment Requests

Current and former students may request academic transcripts, enrollment verification letters, and/or early grade letters (if available) at the Office of Admissions and Records. Transcripts that include the current semester’s grades are normally processed only after the semester is finished. Enrollment verification requests made during the semester are normally processed after the Course Withdrawal Period. Early grade letters are available only when the Office of Admissions and Records has received the student’s grades but has not yet posted them to the transcript.

Every full-time Fei Tian College student is eligible for two free requests per semester for transcripts, verification letters, and/or early grade letters. Each subsequent request carries a fee of $10.00. Payment in the form of cash, personal check, or money order must be made prior to processing documents. If a transcript or letter is to be sent to more than one address, a separate request must be made for each.

For requests placed by mail or fax, the requester must pro- vide a copy of valid government-issued photo identification showing the bearer’s signature. Cash should not be sent through the mail; the required payment should be made in the form of a personal check or money order.

Regular processing normally takes five to seven business days for a transcript or verification letter to be available for pick-up in person or mailed by the Office of Admissions and Records. Expedited processing is available for an additional fee of $20.00 per document that is to be picked up by the requesting student in person. When a request requires ex- press postal delivery, the requester is responsible for the cost of the specific postal services requested.

Delivery time is beyond the College’s control, so students should factor in delivery time when placing a request.

Transcripts will not be issued before all financial obligations have been cleared.