Undergraduate Application Forms

If you are interested in enrolling in the Fei Tian College undergraduate program, please download and fill out one of the application forms on this page and return it to the Admission Office using one of the following methods:

  • Online submission
  • Postal mail (see address on the form)
  • Fax (see fax number on the form)
  • Email (see email address on the form)

If you use email or online submission, you still need to mail or fax the Admission Office a paper version of your application form with real signatures.

It is possible to fill in all application forms on your computer. Directions for online submission can be downloaded here: Online Application Instructions

You can download the application forms by right-clicking the links below individually and selecting Save-As. Alternatively, you can download all the application forms below as a zip file here: Batch Download

Undergraduate Application

Part I: Initial Application

Part II: Teacher Recommendations (download Dance and Academic, Music and Academic, or all three)

Part III: Financial Aid Application

After completing Parts I to III, the College will either accept or decline your application. Applicants accepted for admission will be given additional instructions and forms to verify their enrollment.

Forms for International Undergraduate Students

Upon acceptance into the College, all incoming international college students will need to prepare the following forms in addition to their application:

Early College Program (ECP) Forms

Please note that currently only Fei Tian Academy of the Arts high school students are eligible to apply for this program.