Transfer Credit

Fei Tian College may award academic credits for a matriculated student’s prior college-level learning; that is, the student’s acquisition of knowledge, competencies, skills, or training prior to entering the College.

A matriculated Fei Tian student can use the following methods to demonstrate that his or her prior learning or prior experiential learning is equivalent to college-level course work:

  • Collegiate coursework transfer
  • Standardized examinations (ie, AP/IB/CLEP/ DANTES exams)
  • Non-collegiate prior learning evaluation
  • Proficiency examinations
  • Prior experiential learning portfolio assessment.

The following conditions apply to the award of any prior learning and/or prior experiential learning credit:

  • The student is matriculated;
  • Credits are equivalent to Fei Tian registered curricula and component courses;
  • Credits do not duplicate, overlap, or regress previous work;
  • Credits are not computed in the grade-point average; and
  • The total number of credits that can be awarded for prior learning does not exceed 50 percent of the total credits required for graduation.

Transfer Credits for Collegiate Coursework

A matriculated student may apply for transfer of credits gained from a previously attended collegiate institution. Credits from the following institutions may be accepted by Fei Tian:

  • Institutions accredited by agencies recognized by the US Department of Education
  • Degree-granting institutions approved by the New York State Education Department
  • International colleges and universities recognized by Fei Tian College. 
For the BFA in Classical Chinese Dance, a student may transfer up to 33 general education credits (no prior dance credits are transferable) toward the BFA. 
For the BM in Performance, a student may transfer up to 60 credits (up to 33 general education and 30 music credits) toward the BM.

The following conditions apply to the transfer of credits from collegiate coursework:

  • Credits must have a grade of C or above for general education courses and B or above for courses pertaining to the student’s area of specialization (i.e., dance or music courses) Pass-fail options cannot be transferred unless there is also a pass-fail option at Fei Tian for the course for which transfer credit is sought;
  • The college or university offering the courses allows them to be used for credit toward its own undergraduate degree;
  • The courses taken are equivalent to courses that are or could be offered at Fei Tian in terms of content and rigor:
    • cover at least 75% of the course material
    • include equivalent meeting hours for the same number of credit hours
    • include requirements for equivalent graded assignments/exams
    • use an equivalent textbook (if applicable);
  • Credits cannot be used to satisfy high school graduation requirements (dual-credit); and
  • A maximum of 30 non-liberal arts transfer credits can be applied toward the total minimum requirement for graduation.

Quarter credits accepted in transfer are converted to semester credits. Unless otherwise specified, one quarter equals 2⁄3 of a semester credit; for example, 3 quarter credits equal 2 semester credits. 
A matriculated student seeking approval for transfer credit must provide the Office of Admissions and Records (OAR) with an official transcript, a description of the course for which transfer credit is sought, and any other information FTC deems necessary to conduct a proper course evaluation. The transfer credit will appear on FTC transcripts within two weeks of OAR’s approval. 
A student pursuing an FTC dance or music degree who has a baccalaureate degree earned from an institution recognized by FTC may have part or all of the general education requirements exempted. The exempted courses are treated as transfer credits. In this case, the student must submit an official transcript and diploma to OAR for approval.