Refund & Repayment Policy

Annulled Registration

Students who take a leave of absence from the College voluntarily before the first day of instruction may have their registration annulled. Tuition is refunded in full. Such students are not included in College records as having registered for the semester, and new students will not secure any privileges for admission for any subsequent semester as returning students.

Cancellation of Registration or Suspension for Cause

Students who have their registrations canceled or are suspended from the College for a particular reason receive refunds on the same basis as those receiving a leave of absence, unless otherwise specified in the disciplinary action taken. A student whose registration is canceled less than one week after the first day of instruction for an offense committed during a preceding semester receives a full refund of tuition and fees.

Interruption of Instruction

The College hopes every student will be successful. However, if a student’s behavior is severely disruptive to the campus, or if, after considerable deliberation, he or she is judged by the College Judicial Committee to be posing a danger to others, he or she will be asked to leave. The College may offer such students a chance to complete their coursework and earn credit off campus. Alternatively, we may offer a tuition refund instead of the chance to finish coursework off campus.

Dropped Courses

The Office of Admissions will determine a student’s tuition charges and financial assistance based on the student’s enrollment status at the end of the Course Selection Period. If a student’s enrollment status changes in any way after the Course Selection Period but before the Course Withdrawal Period has ended, applicable tuition and fees will be refunded on a pro rata basis. After the Course Withdrawal Period, tuition and fees are not refundable under normal circumstances.

Leave of Absence

A student in good standing who desires to take a leave of absence from the College may file a petition with the Office of Admissions and make an appointment with the Office staff before the end of the second week of the semester. Students who are granted a leave of absence may enroll in the College for a subsequent semester with the privileges of a returning student. An application for a leave of absence after the second week of the semester is granted under special circumstances, such as in cases of military service or serious illness.

A note will be placed on a student’s transcript indicating the leave status. A leave of absence is typically granted for one year and may be extended for another year thereafter.

A student who is granted a leave of absence before the end of the second week of any semester is entitled to a full refund of applicable tuition. Students granted leaves of absence after the end of the second week but before the end of the Course Withdrawal Period are entitled to a partial tuition refund on a pro rata basis. No tuition is refunded for applications filed after the Course Withdrawal Period.

Students who fail to go through the official process of applying for a leave of absence but leave campus without filing withdrawal papers will be deemed to have attended the semester.