Fei Tian College is authorized to offer four related and complementary degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Classical Chinese Dance
  • Bachelor of Music (BM) in Performance
  • Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Classical Chinese Dance
  • Master of Music (MusM) in Performance

These four programs, together with their respective departments, complement each other and constitute an integral whole by giving students a well-rounded experience in the classical performing arts. Students in each department are encouraged to take advantage of the course offerings and curricular activities of the other department. In addition, regular collaborative performances and projects between the two departments provide students, as well as faculty, invaluable opportunities to integrate classical Chinese dance with classical music of both the eastern and western traditions.

The College has three academic departments:

  • Department of Dance (DAN)
  • Department of Music (MUS)
  • Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS)

The Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a curriculum in the liberal arts (including Chinese language courses), sciences, and media and design, with the aim of addressing students’ diverse interests while helping them acquire the intellectual abilities and technological knowledge necessary to meet the complex challenges of our changing world.