Department of LAS

General Education Requirements for Undergraduate Studies

All undergraduate students must complete the general education requirements as they progress toward graduation in their respective degree programs. The general education component aims to equip students with the skills and intellectual capacity essential to a lifelong pursuit of truth in an increasingly dynamic, pluralistic, and challenging world.

Upon completion of the undergraduate general education requirements at Fei Tian College, students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:

  1. Written and Oral Communication
  2. Critical and Creative Thinking
  3. Information Literacy and Technological Competency
  4. Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning
  5. Cross-Cultural Communication
  6. Global Awareness
  7. Artistic Awareness
  8. Moral Awareness

The undergraduate general education requirements consist of 33 credits distributed across three major areas: College Core (10 credits), Breadth Distribution (15 credits), and World Languages (8 credits).

Table of Undergraduate General Education Requirements

GenEd Area Credit Requirement GenEd Tag
College Core (10 credits)
College Success 1 CORE
Effective English 3 CORE
World Civilizations courses 6 CIV
Breadth Distribution (15 credits)
Artistic awareness courses 3 ART
Humanities courses 3 HUM
Modern World Affairs course 3 MWA
Quantitative Reasoning course 3 QR
Scientific Reasoning course 3 SR
World Languages (8 credits)
Chinese language and literature courses 8 LANG

General Education Courses

Course Number Title Credit GenEd Tag
LAS001 ESL 0
LAS002 Introduction to College English 0
LAS100 College Success 1 CORE
LAS103 Effective English 3 CORE
LAS110 Western Civilization 3 CIV
CLC131 Chinese Civilization 3 CIV
LAS204 Public Speaking 3 HUM
LAS303 Masterpieces of World Literature 3 HUM
CLC331 Topics in Chinese History I 3 HUM, SR
CLC332 Topics in Chinese History II 3 HUM, SR
CLC 333 Topics in Chinese History III 3 HUM, SR
LAS232 The Making of the Modern World 3 MWA
LAS120 Mathematics in Applied Context 3 QR, SR
LAS220 Calculus 3 QR, SR
CLC101 Beginning Chinese I 4 LANG
CLC102 Beginning Chinese II 4 LANG
CLC111 Elementary Chinese I 4 LANG
CLC112 Elementary Chinese II 4 LANG
CLC211 Intermediate Chinese I 4 LANG
CLC212 Intermediate Chinese II 4 LANG
CLC311 Advanced Chinese I 4 LANG
CLC312 Advanced Chinese II 4 LANG
CLC411 Classical Chinese I 4 LANG
CLC412 Classical Chinese II 4 LANG
CLC421 Chinese Language Arts I 4 LANG
CLC422 Chinese Language Arts II 4 LANG
CLC423 Chinese Language Arts III 4 LANG
CLC424 Chinese Language Arts IV 4 LANG
CLC431 Chinese Literature I 4 LANG
CLC432 Chinese Literature II 4 LANG
LAS222 Computer Graphic Design 3 ART
LAS272 Drawing I 2 ART
LAS273 Drawing II 2 ART
LAS274 Chinese Painting & Calligraphy 2 ART
LAS371 Drawing and Rending for Theater 2 ART
LAS230 Topics in the Arts and Sciences 1-4
LAS350 Independent Study in Arts and Sciences 1-4