Department of Music

BM in Performance


Fei Tian’s Bachelor of Music (BM) in Performance program focuses on developing students’ performance skills so that they may perform classical Western and Chinese music competently and with sensitivity. This is perhaps the only BM program in the United States that, on the one hand, offers students the opportunity to major in the performance of a traditional Chinese musical instrument while developing basic competence in classical Western music and, on the other hand, allows Western music majors to acquire basic competence in traditional Chinese music.

The BM coursework includes 130 credits distributed across 92 credits of music core courses, 8 credits of music electives, and 30 credits of general education courses.

The Music Core consists of coursework in applied music, music theory, music history, musicianship, and performance. Music electives offer students an opportunity to take courses in areas that interest them.

In addition to the above credit requirements, students must pass a performance examination before a jury composed of faculty members at the end of each semester. The purpose of the jury examination is to make an objective evaluation of each music student’s ability and artistry in performance as he or she progresses through the program.

All students in the BM program are required to give a half-hour junior recital near the end of the junior year and a one-hour senior recital near the end of the senior year. In addition, each music major student is expected to attend a variety of concerts and recitals, including departmental/faculty recitals.

To graduate from the BM program, students must complete all credit requirements, with a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 and a minimum major GPA of 2.5. Upon completion of the BM program, students are expected to be able to:

  • Perform as soloists or ensemble members at levels appropriate for entry-level professional musicians or for entering graduate music study
  • Demonstrate competency in musicianship through analyzing, arranging, and creating music
  • Be able to interpret and discuss music with respect to its historical, cultural, and stylistic considerations

Sample graduation plans for each of Western and Chinese instruments are available at the Office of Academic Services. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisors for individualized graduation planning.