Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Undergraduate Advising

Each new student is assigned to an academic advisor, who is a faculty member in the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences who will advise the student on all academic issues during his or her freshman and sophomore years. Initial assignments are made by the Office of Academic Services (OAS). During the student’s junior and senior years in a program, a faculty member of the student’s department is responsible for advising the student. Changes in advisors will be freely granted (subject only to equity in number of advisees assigned to an individual faculty member), upon application to the Director of Academic Services. Reassignments may also occur due to faculty leave or shifts in duties.

The advisor will receive copies of all official correspondence concerning each of his or her advisees’ academic standing. This helps the advisor apply general knowledge of academic life to each particular case. To register for a course, students must first meet with their advisors to obtain their approval. The advisor’s approval is also required when students drop or add courses. The advisor helps the student understand the role of the various academic disciplines in a liberal arts education.

Placement Tests

All placement tests at Fei Tian College are administered by OAS. The College offers incoming students placement tests for two purposes: (1) to determine a student’s level of proficiency so the student can be placed into the appropriate course level; and (2) to determine, if applicable, what kind of remedial instruction a student may need in order to follow the scheduled academic progress The placement tests are not used for awarding credits.

Currently, the College offers placement tests in English, English as a Second Language (ESL), Chinese, and math. The English placement test helps determine if students are in need of remedial services. The ESL tests help place students in the appropriate courses, either in ESL or remedial English. The Chinese tests are used to place students into an appropriate level. The math test is given to students interested in taking calculus, to assess their readiness for the course.

Graduate Advising

Each graduate student is assigned an academic advisor with whom all students should meet regularly.  The academic advisor is on the graduate faculty of the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences and serves as liaison to the graduate dean.  The academic advisor along with the Office of Academic Services will serve as graduate students’ primary channel for academic advising and support, including tutoring and personal counseling. All students are expected to obtain approval from their academic advisor before registering for or dropping any courses.

Additionally, a faculty member from the graduate student’s artistic department will be assigned to advise the graduate student on arts-related issues, including career counseling and skills development. A reassignment of graduate advisor may occur due to changes in the faculty or request by the graduate student. Graduate advisors are responsible for coordinating the preparation and evaluation of all graduate projects and graduation recitals.