Academic Resources

Academic Resources


The Office of Academic Services facilitates student learning beyond the classroom by offering a variety of academic support services to help students develop the knowledge base, skills, and strategies they need to become effective, independent learners.

Faculty from the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences offer remedial instruction in a variety of academic subjects to students in need of additional support.

Academic Skills Workshops

The Office of Academic Services organizes tutorials and workshops on a variety of topics such as time management, textbook skills, test taking, test preparation, memorization strategies, learning styles, critical thinking skills, writing, and note taking. Workshops may be held at the request of any student group, professor, or advisor, and can be customized to fit student needs.

Tutoring and Mentoring Programs

Tutors are qualified faculty and staff members that offer course-specific tutoring. Individual and group learning sessions are available at no cost to enrolled students. Students may be referred to the tutorial service by their academic advisor or a course instructor. Students may also request a tutor at the Office of Academic Services. Course instructors are informed of such requests.

Peer mentors are high-scoring students trained to help newer students develop academic skills. Peer mentors are available to all students for informal consultation. Students interested in becoming mentors or seeking mentors should sign up at the Office of Academic Services.

Transfer Assistance

The Office of Academic Services provides assistance to students who wish to transfer out to other institutions. The students bear responsibility, however, for ensuring that the transfer-in institutions will accept credits for courses taken at Fei Tian College.