Registration & Records

Registration & Records

The Office of Admissions and Records (OAR) is responsible for overseeing admission, enrollment management, and student records, and for assisting the Office of Academic Services (OAS) with course registration.

Registration Procedures

OAS will announce the time and location of class registration and all related information for each semester. Newly admitted students will be notified of the specified date and time for registration. Continuing students and readmitted students may register during any given semester for course work beginning in the following semester.

Adding or Dropping Courses

During the “Course Selection Period,” i.e., the first two weeks of the academic semester, students may add or drop classes or, if applicable, change grading status of a course from normal to pass/fail (or vice versa). Such changes, under normal circumstances, will not incur fees or any penalty on tuition, but are on a space-available basis and subject to the limitations of a full-time student load. Students wishing to make such changes need to obtain the approval of the faculty advisor.

During the “Course Withdrawal Period,” i.e., during the first two weeks of the semester, students may still drop classes with the approval of the faculty advisor. Students who drop classes during this period of time are eligible for a pro-rated tuition refund, if applicable. A student who needs to drop a course after the Course Withdrawal Period must file a “Course Withdrawal Form” with OAS. For each course the student drops after the Course Withdrawal Period, a “W” will appear on the student’s permanent record. Students who do not file a Course Withdrawal Form will be deemed to have attended the course.

The same rules apply to the spring term.

Leave of Absence

A student in good standing who desires to take a leave of absence from the College may file a petition with the Office of Student Affairs and make an appointment with the Office staff before the end of the second week of the semester. Students who are granted a leave of absence may enroll in the College for a subsequent semester with the privileges of a returning student. An application for a leave of absence after the second week of the semester is granted only for documented health and emergency reasons, such as in cases of military service or serious illness on the part of the student.

A note will be placed on a student’s transcript indicating the leave status. A leave of absence is typically granted for one year and may be extended for another year.

A student who is granted a leave of absence before the end of the second week of any semester is entitled to a full refund of applicable tuition. Students granted leaves of absence after the end of the second week but before the end of the Course Withdrawal Period are entitled to partial tuition refund on a pro rata basis. No tuition is refunded for applications filed after the Course Withdrawal Period.

Students who fail to go through the official process of applying for a leave of absence but leave campus without filing withdrawal papers will be deemed to have attended the semester.

Grade Reports

Faculty members are encouraged to give each student a written evaluation of performance as early as compatible with the nature of the course, but usually not later than after two-thirds of the semester or winter term.

This evaluation will normally consist of a letter grade, but it could also be recorded in a different manner (e.g., written critique of a paper, written evaluation of the student’s total performance).

At the end of the semester, the faculty deadline for submitting final grades is five working days after the final exam. If a student’s final grade is not available by the deadline because the student has not completed the course requirements but is expected to do so, an “N” will be given.

Transcripts and Enrollment Verification Requests

Students and graduates of Fei Tian College may contact OAR to request copies of their transcripts or verifications of enrollment. Transcript requests that require current semester or session grades will not be processed until the semester is completed.

For privacy purposes, transcript and verification requests cannot be submitted by any party other than the person to whom the transcript or verification belongs. Written release by the requester to a third party is not permitted except for specific verification requests to a company or institution.

Payment in the form of cash, personal check, or money order must be made prior to processing transcripts or verifications. Every full-time Fei Tian College student is eligible for two free requests for transcript, verification, and/or Early Grade Letter per semester. A fee of $3.00 applies to each subsequent request. If the transcripts or verifications are to be sent to more than one address, a separate request must be submitted for each address.

For requests sent to OAR via mail or fax, the requester must provide a copy of a valid government-issued photo ID showing the bearer’s signature. Cash should never be sent through the mail; the required payment should be made in the form of a personal check or money order.

Regular processing may take five to seven business days for the transcript or verification to be available for pick-up in person or to be mailed by OAR. Emergency processing is available for an additional fee of $20.00 per document that is picked up by the requester in person. When an emergency request requires express postal delivery, the requester is responsible for the cost of the specific postal services requested. Processing time for emergency requests is three hours for in-person pick-up, or it will be placed into the next day’s mail.