Academic Services

Academic Services


Each new student is assigned to an academic advisor, a faculty member in the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences, who can assist the student on academic matters during the program. Initial assignments are made by the Office of Academic Services.

During an undergraduate’s junior and senior years, and for all new graduate students, a faculty member of the student’s department will have the primary responsibility of advising the student on program-related matters. Changes in advisors will be freely granted upon application to the Director of Academic Services. Reassignments may also occur due to faculty leave or shifts in duties.

Advisors will receive copies of all official correspondence concerning each of their advisees’ academic standing. This helps advisors apply general knowledge of academic life to each particular case. To register for courses, students must first meet with their advisors to obtain approval.


The College offers to incoming students placement tests for two purposes: (1) to determine students’ level of proficiency in specific subject areas in order to place them into the appropriate levels of courses; and (2) to determine what kind of remedial instruction, if any, a student may need in order to make the scheduled academic progress. The College’s placement tests are not used to award credit by examination.

All placement tests at the College are administered by the Offices of Academic Services and Admissions and Records.

Currently, the College offers placement tests in the following subjects: English, English as a Second Language (ESL), Chinese, and mathematics. The English placement test is offered to determine whether a student is in need of remedial English instruction, while the ESL placement test is offered to place a student in the appropriate course level in ESL or remedial English. The mathematics placement test is offered to students who are interested in taking calculus to assess their readiness for the course.


The Office of Academic Services facilitates student learning beyond the classroom by offering one-on-one and group sessions in various course subjects, as well as in time management, study skills, and writing. Through these services and programs, students can develop the skills they need to become effective independent learners and to be able to thrive at the College and beyond.

In addition, Academic Services holds workshops on a variety of topics, all of which are geared toward helping students enhance and improve their learning skills. Workshops may be organized at the request of any student group or instructor and can be customized to fit student needs. Topics covered may include time management, textbook skills, test taking, test preparation, memorization strategies, learning styles, critical thinking skills, writing, note taking, and more.

Tutoring Program

Individual and group tutoring is available at no cost to enrolled students who have a demonstrated need for them. Students may be referred to the tutor service by the academic advisor or a student may apply for a tutor at the Office of Academic Services.

Mentoring Program

Peer mentors are high-scoring students trained to help newer students develop academic skills. Peer mentors are available to all students for informal consultation. Students who are interested in becoming mentors or seeking mentors may sign up at the Office of Academic Services.

Transfer Information

The Office of Academic Services provides assistance for students who wish to transfer to other educational institutions.

Career and Professional Services

The Office of Academic Services is the College’s central resource for information on career pathways, including graduate school and employment opportunities. Individual career counseling and programs on various career possibilities are offered to assist students with career information gathering, exploration, and decision-making processes. Career interest assessments are also available to identify specific career options.

The staff of Academic Services strives to ensure that all graduates will achieve or have access to broader potential career and professional development opportunities, a greater understanding of the world of work, and a fuller awareness of their personal attributes, values, interests, and skills and how they relate to career options.

To help graduates prepare for the world of work, Academic Services provides information on career options, preparing a comprehensive job search, polishing their résumés, writing effective cover letters, and preparing for job interviews.


Students at the College are expected to spend several hours during their programs participating in College-wide outcomes assessment activities, such as tests, surveys, and interviews.